Get ready for the photographer / by Larry Parks

Prepare Your Property for Real Estate Photography

To do before the photographer arrives:

De-clutter everything (including refrigerator door)

Stage as needed

Replace burned out bulbs (have spare bulbs on hand)

Be sure that all blinds are functioning properly

Dust or vacuum ceiling fans

Clean and dust visible surfaces

Fresh set of bathroom towels

Remove all shampoos, body wash and other containers from shower

Tidy the garden and put away hoses, tools and trash cans

To do when photographer arrives:

Turn on ALL lights inside and outside of property

Open all blinds and curtains

Turn off all ceiling fans (fan lights remain on)

Turn off televisions (hide remotes)

Close all closet doors

Lower all toilet seats

Remove or hide all interior/exterior trash cans

All vehicles should be out of the driveway

Pets should not be in any photographs and hide pet bowls, toys, beds, litter boxes and cat trees

If there is a pool, spa or fountain be sure to have everything turned on and running. Hide all pool cleaning equipment

I look forward to photographing your property!


I look forward to seeing you promptly at our appointment!  Additional preparation tips may be found here.