Tidy is a good four letter word / by Larry Parks


Tidy up

  • Clean everything that you can see because the camera sees everything.

  • Don't forget ceiling fans and blinds.  Dust shows.

  • Windows and mirrors, finger prints and accumulated dust are visible on photographs.

  • TV screens show dust and prints if not cleaned.

  • Dust your books and make certain your library has content that you don't mind the general public seeing in the photos.

  • Same goes for your displayed art.

  • Hide trash cans - inside and outside trash cans. 

  • A clear driveway looks best. 

  • Pet hair shows when on contrasting furnitures or flooring.

  • Refrigerator magnets can clutter a photo.

  • Clear and wipe off the counters.

  • Clear away kitchen stuff like dish liquids, sponges and towels. 

  • Tables with a place-setting really look attractive. 

  • If closets are to be photographed don't forget about them as well. 

  • Bathrooms look best when pretty much clear of everything.  It's a small room and the least little bit can look cluttered on a photo.

  • Clean mirrors.  Again.

  • Fresh set of coordinating towels look great in a photo!

  • Dust plants too. 

  • Look for the little things and clean 'em or put put 'em away.

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